Monday, April 16, 2012

Anchor Chart

Social Studies can be a very overwhelming subject to some children because of all the information covered. One activity that may help students not feel so overwhelmed is something called an Anchor Chart. This is a chart that holds and organizes facts, definitions, vocabulary words or even people's names.

In my Social Studies class we did anchor charts in small groups. Each group chose a topic and researched a little bit about it. My group chose the Boston Tea Party. Once we knew more about our topic we then decided what we thought were the most important terms, people or ideas and placed them on our chart. Then after everyone finished their charts we presented them to our classmates.

Using Anchor Charts in a classroom will be a vital tool to help students organize facts, definitions, people and events into a manageable form they can easily follow and refer back to.

Below you can find a link to another blog about Anchor Charts:

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