Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoebox Activity

If you had to leave home forever and could only take a shoebox full of things with you, what would you bring? Condensing your life's possessions into a little shoebox is an extremely hard task to perform.
In my Social Studies class we were given an assignment to pretend we had to leave our home abruptly and we only had a shoebox to pack our belongings in. When we were given this assignment I had to think for quite a while about what I thought was valuable enough to take with me. I chose to take many pictures of family and friends along with a credit card, phone, phone charger and an I.D. I figured that a majority of my belongings could be replaced if I had the means to buy them which is why I chose the credit card. I brought my I.D. as proof of identity for starting a new life else where. My phone and its charger are my lifeline and I don't go anywhere without them and it would also be a means of communication with friends and family. However, I think that the most valuable thing I took in my shoebox was all the pictures. These pictures were all of loved ones that had great memories attached to them. My peers chose all kinds of things to bring with them from toothbrushes to weapons to bibles. It was really quite interesting to see what people would take with them when given such short notice to pack up their lives. Through this activity you really got to see how people think and what they value. Some people were very sentimental while others were very practical.

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